Geometric’s Software Product Engineering (SPE) Business Unit is focused on providing outsourced software product development (OPD) services for the engineering and manufacturing sectors. With over 10,000 person years of experience, we are the pioneers of OPD for PLM and other geometry intensive domains. We deliver unmatched business value to customers through our domain expertise, technology capabilities, in-house tools and technologies and unique project management methodology, Geometric Agile Management Methodology (GAMe).”With a mission to ensure business excellence across all stages of the software product development lifecycle, we work with independent software vendors (ISVs) and industrial companies to develop software content in their packaged products. As seamless extensions of our customers’ R&D team, we help address challenges that put constraints on their software R&D operations in terms of expertise, productivity, innovation and budgets. Our portfolio of services includes:

An integrated tool-based delivery system and our unique GAMe project management methodology result in:

  • 20-40% improvement in time to market
  • 30-50% reduction in overall costs
  • Rapid and seamlessexpansion
    of capacity for accelerated product delivery
  • Functional innovation for the customers
  • Mutual learning in product lifecycle processes
  • Product Engineering: Help customers bring their products early to the market with our R&D and robust development capabilities. Services include green-field product development, accelerated development for customer or industry specific solutions and feature enhancements.
  • Re- platforming: Enable customers to retain and build competitive advantage by helping them keep pace with the changing technologies. Services include migration across underlying technologies, porting across platforms, and re-engineering to new age architectures and platforms.
  • Interoperability: Help customer products integrate with other complementing products and thereby increase applicability in the IT landscape of end-user ecosystem.
  • Quality Engineering: The whole paradigm is based on Quality Engineering rather than just software testing by focusing on verification at each stage of the SDLC. Services include Test Design and Execution for functional and specialized testing, Test Automation and QA Consulting
  • Maintenance and Support: Enable customers to focus on their development roadmap while we provide maintenance and support for their existing and legacy products. Services include Software Maintenance, L2 and L3 Support, Internalization and Localization to help increase market access.
  • Documentation and Training: Help customers deliver high quality software and training documentation in synch with the software release cycle with reduced effort and time to release.

We have strategic product development relationships with the larger software companies and work with growing mid-sized companies and start-ups in the complete automation of product ideas, thereby freeing their teams for innovation and product management. Our software customers acknowledge the value delivered by us beyond software development, especially the contribution to product roadmap, unlike general IT service companies.

We provide industry specific solutions for the automotive, aerospace & defense, medical devices, high-tech & consumer electronics, consumer product goods and oil & gas industries.

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